Apple iOS 14 | Customized Home screens

On September 16, 2020, Apple released iOS 14 for iPhone and iPod products. Among many new features that bring a “fresh look” to the devices is the ability to more easily customize your home screen with “widgets” that can be placed anywhere on the home screens in any shape or size (Apple). Many iPhone users have invested time and effort customizing their home screens to something that is both practical to use and aesthetically pleasing. This customization reminds me of the work that we did with desktop portraits and how a digital screen can be seen and used as a canvas. Some Youtube videos of iPhone users who customized their home screens are linked below.

*iOS 14* iphone customization + organization tips/tricks! MUST DO!

HOW TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR IPHONE WITH IOS 14! (minimal iphone organization)

HOW TO: Aesthetic iPhone Customization with iOS 14! // Widgets, Shortcuts + Apps

**featured image credit: 9to5mac**


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