10 Years of the App Store

After watching the video about Susan Kare, I was curious about what other icon changes have been made amongst apps we still use today. I came across this page and noticed this timeline showing Facebook’s app evolution. I think it’s interesting how over time, the letter “F’ became more and more associated with Facebook. The initial design was complicated with things floating in the background, but became simpler and more impactful. With all of the icons shown here, I noticed that the colors became more vibrant and the backgrounds increasingly became more plain as well. The overall shape of the icons also transitioned from a 3D point of view to just a flat design. I think it symbolizes the evolution of graphic design and how the standards of art are constantly as more and more tools become available. When reading this article, it reminded me of when Susan Kare spoke about how she believed that simple designs can still convey a lot of meaning.

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