When I begin to think about what blog post I’m going to write, I tend to think about others. This week I wanted to flip the conversation around a bit and get introspective. For my club, I’m the social media chair and was tasked (for some odd reason) with making promo for the club. It was an interesting task in thinking about the relationship between design and target audience. The audience in this case being: College Students that care about kids *and also like to dance*. The exercise was terrifying at first — I’ve never done anything social media related in my life and only signed up because the position need a second co-manager. In the end, it was a great learning process in thinking about the aesthetics of appealing to a target audience. What colors would need to be involved? How should the complimentary colors be selected to give off the intended vibe? I mayy have cheated and used a color compliment algorithm, but in the end the selection of color palette was intentional and gave us the feel we were going for. These are things I hope to get into more as the semester goes on to hone in on these skills and I’m excited to progress over time!

There is no link to an article 😦

BUT follow City Step on Instagram (@citysteppenn), and join if you care about teaching kids Self-Expression through Dance 🙂 — now that’s what I call critical pedagogy.


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