Every song has a color – and an emotion – attached to it

Yellow by Coldplay

Inspired by our Field Recording Gestalt, I searched some articles on the relationship between sound, shape and color. And I came across this article explaining the mechanism of how people perceive color when listening to different tunes.

B.B King Performing Blues on Stage

According to the article, sound is an audible color, and color is a visible sound. Many musicians believe that there is a close relationship between music and color. One example was that when the famous pianist Franz Liszt was rehearsing with the orchestra, he had this request: “it’s going to be a little bluer here, this is what the melody requires.” “Here is dark purple, please let the melody lean on this color, not so pink! ” Another example is Blues Music. Usually we define the color blue as melancholy, and the tone of this music is the same as blue, with a sad and sentimental atmosphere. At first, people created it in order to relieve the depression from life and the feeling of homesickness.

I think this is a very cool idea for designers to think about when designing projects to arouse different and complex emotions, and even to integrate music in your design to convey the intention.

Click here to check out the article.


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