15 Latest and Best Loading Animations to Make User Enjoy Waiting

Orb Animation Wip by Aleksey Tsvetkov

Building on our talk in class about loading animations, I went on the internet to search for some inspirations and found this article which offers examples of loading animation, highlights and what we can learn from the designs. It’s also helpful for us to think loading animation as an important part of UI/UX design.

Sometimes, it is unavoidable to let users wait when there is a large amount of data/pages that need to be processed/loaded/downloaded. In such cases, what are you supposed to do for keeping them stay on the website/app longer instead of leaving directly? Adding a beautiful, interesting and eye-catching loading animation to retain visitors in your site/app design can be really helpful.

Glowing Loading Cube by Graig Mederios

Click Here to see a collection of 15 latest and best loading animations for you to get inspiration.


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