“Waiting Art”: living with uncertainty

After looking through the Waiting Paintings linked on our Loading Gif project for inspo, I wanted to see if I could find more art relating to the concept of waiting, and this article caught my eye in my search results. It’s about an artist Tehching Hsieh (who is from Taiwan, where I’m from!) and his work, and this quote from the article stood out to me:

The curatorial term for Hsieh’s work is “durational performance” or “endurance art,” which is about, and frequently involves, sustaining something — be it life, thought or action — for a long, long while. Another way to think of it is as waiting art: work that addresses what it means to live with uncertainty and to keep going, often with no clear end in sight.

I thought the idea of living with uncertainty is particularly relevant to how many of us are probably feeling right now; I know many of my friends and I are all anxiously waiting to hear about Penn’s fall plans, or for those who already know they have another virtual spring semester coming up, they have to keep on going with no clear end to virtual classes in sight.

If you have a couple minutes, check out his story and read the article–I thought he had some interesting perspectives on passing time.


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