9 Public Art Projects That Brought Beauty And Design To The Streets

Public art is a loose term we use to describe any art project — in any media — that has been designed and crafted for the public domain. Often located outside and always accessible to all, public art can take any shape or form, from a reflective bean to a giant rubber duck, because it’s not the work that defines it, it’s the mission to bring art and design to the masses that does.

The Inside Out (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

The picture above is a massive global participatory art project by French street artist, JR, to commemorate the 30 year anniversary of the Walk for Equality in Lyon, a 500 mile walk protesting police violence and inequality. For the initial project, JR created 2,000 portrait posters, chosen from 5,000 submissions, and pasted the works in public streets for all to see. The project has since spread to 110 countries including Nepal, Mexico and the Palestinian territories, and 200,000 posters have been displayed to date. His goal in sparking the project is “to use art to turn the world inside out.“

Click Here to see more incredible public art projects.


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  1. J Rivkin says:

    The film Faces Places about him and Agnes Varda is absolutely incredible, I think it’s still on Netflix


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