Illustrator Spotlight: Lydia Ortiz

BOOOOOOOM magazine recently profiled Lydia Ortiz, a Filipina illustrator whose clients include The New York Times, Instagram, and Teen Vogue. Her work really appeals to me because of its vivid colors and whimsical content. She is definitely the type of illustrator I would follow on Instagram (on my way to do so). Click here to…

Artist Spotlight: Bahati

Bahati is a Belgian-Congolese painter recently profiled by BOOOOOOOM I was really impressed with her work. The mismatched sizes of the body parts in her paintings add a collage like feel. I also like that she’s a black artist that highlights black people. Click here to learn more about Bahati and her work.

Illustrator Spotlight: Nick Öhlo

I found this cool Italian artist, Nick Ohlo, as part of BOOOOOOOM’s illustrator spotlight. His work is really visually striking and involves many sharp lines. I also thought he was relevant because he also has animated works which look like they could’ve been made with something like After Effects.

Passion Projects: “Emo Farm” by Artist Kelechi Azu

Booooooom gave artists $500 towards their passion projects. Kelechi Azu, a Nigerian Philly-based artist, used her $500 to create Emo Farm, a coloring book, to make space for black alternative kids. I though it was so cool that Kelechi is Nigerian like me and that she has also worked as a teacher in the Philadelphia…

How James Luna Exposed the Mechanisms of American Racism

This article reflects on James Luna, a performance artist and photographer’s, “Take a Picture with a Real Indian exhibit. I understand the points Luna was trying to make about the objectification of Native Americans in the US, but I’m not sure if his piece was as radical and powerful as the author thinks it is….

Photographer Spotlight: Rodrigo Oliveira

I found this article showcasing Rodrigo Oliveira’s photography on Booooooom (so many o’s). I loved how regardless of subject and the different times of day the images were taken they still manage to be soft and have an alluring quality to them. Oliveira is currently documenting the queer community in Rio de Janeiro and does…

Which Creative Cloud App Are You?

I found this BuzzFeed Quiz during my random internet travels. I thought it was cool and relevant because we are using Adobe Creative Cloud throughout the duration of the class. I took the quiz and I got Premiere. Click here to take the quiz and find out which Creative Cloud app you are!

Field Notes United States of Letter Press Collection

Field Notes, a Chicago based notebook manufacturer, recently released a new collection of nine pocket-sized notebooks. The collection was a collaboration with nine letter press shops across the country. The notebooks are sold on the Field Notes site in 3-packs, and I am particularly a fan of pack A. This collaboration is relevant to out…

Anne Neely’s Ethical Abstractions

I found this article very relevant to our discussion about abstract art as well as the readings for the week. Anne Neely is very intentional about how she brings her own knowledge into illustrating what she’s seen which relates to what we’ve learned about communication models and messages. The way her paintings are titled also…