Why Icon Design is an Evolving Discipline According to Lance Wyman

Lance Wyman is a graphic designer and he specializes in systems for cities, events, institutions and transit systems. His work is largely designing icons. This article discusses how more than ever we are speaking and communicating through tiny images (emojis, on-screen icons, and other signs/symbols). Wyman is quoted in this piece and states that he is “happy to see icons becoming such an important part of how we communicate…Designing icons is similar to writing; they either communicate well on the different levels intended or they can be visual gibberish.”

This quote from the article reminded me of what Susan Kare spoke about in her talk: if signs and icons are too simple and lack detail and contrastingly if they are overly detailed and complex, they run the risk of communicating ineffectively.

To read the article: https://eyeondesign.aiga.org/why-icon-design-is-an-evolving-discipline-according-to-lance-wyman/


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